WEL001 Welsh Spearmen
NKE001 NKE Spearmen
WEL006 Welsh Bowmen
NKE010 NKE Command
WEL007 Welsh Slingers
IND011 Indian Command
ACH008 Persian Command
ACH004 Persian Bowmen
ACH001 Persian Spearmen
IND005 Indian Swordsmen

These are just some of the miniatures we have available in our ever growing ranges of 28mm historical figures. Check back regularly to see what new additions we have to our current and forthcoming ranges!

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28mm New Kingdom Egyptian Spearmen

28mm New Kingdom Egyptian Command

28mm Acheamenid Persian Archers

28mm Achaemenid Persian Command

28mm Achaemenid Persian Spearmen

28mm Classical Indian Command

28mm Dark Age Welsh Slingers

28mm Dark Age Welsh Archers

28mm Dark Age Welsh Spearmen

28mm Classical Indians with Swords

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Latest News - November 2017 28mm Dark Age Welsh - Both the spearmen and Javelinmen have been boosted up to three packs each! 28mm New Kingdom Egyptians - The first of the NKE range is now available! NKE Spearmen and Command packs have been released and will be followed by Bowmen and Warrior Priests very soon.

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