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The Miniature Company is a small family run business made up of father and son duo, Dave and Dan Toone. Presently, Dave is the lead sculptor and web master, whilst Dan is the studio painter and photographer, although in the future Dan will also be moving into sculpting which will allow us to increase our new releases both in quantity and frequency.

TMC Scale

All of our miniatures are measured from the base of their feet to their eyes and are consistent in both scale and style.

Scale Image 10mm1
Scale Image 28mm1


 28mm New Kingdom Egyptians - 28mm Ancient Indians - 28mm Achaemenid Persians - 28mm Dark Age Saxons - 28mm Dark Age Welsh - Accessories

10mm Carthaginians - 10mm Republican Romans - 10mm Ancient Greeks

Please note: Our minimum order value for delivery to all regions is 20 including postage.

Welcome to The Miniature Company

We design and manufacture a variety of 28mm miniatures & 10mm miniatures for wargamers, figure painters and collectors.

We’re adding to each of our ranges at a steady rate, so keep checking back for updated listings in our online store. Alternatively, for the latest updates from The Miniature Company check out our Facebook page for more pictures of our miniatures, or Instagram for sculpting previews.

TMC 28mm Historical Miniatures
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